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Greetings, fellow browser.

This is where I've decided to create an ongoing visual 'journal' of sorts. I have made it a point to frequently post/re-blog/upload, any and all things that strike my eye.

Through doing this I hope to get a clearer picture of my aesthetic sensibilities, as well as make evident particular areas of interest that I may or may not have been previously aware of.

I particularly love looking through my tumblr's archive, ( where these patterns are most easily identified. Much organising and optimising of the way I interact with my tumblr has been underway, and as far as I can tell, this continuous improvement will continue to be something I'm striving for.

The moniker 'subcutaneous' is intended as a telling I try to get under my own skin and understand what's underneath, in part by documenting what makes this skin get goosebumps, turn cold, break into a sweat or get all hot and bothered :)

In the future I hope to be uploading a lot more of my own work. Who knows, perhaps some bloggetty-style writing too. So far only a few measly quick sketchy bits and bobs have made their way in. You're welcome to come and watch this all happen; follows are free and they don't bother me, perhaps I can help you examine your visual intellect by proxy.

Plus, you might be someone who digs up things I adore :)


Quick Links:

Photos I've taken & My Flickr page

Scrawls I've scribbled

Phrases I've grafted

Instagram Photos available on Instacanvas

SUBCUTANEOUS / ˌsʌbkyuˈteɪniəs /

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